Harold K. Scholz Company (HK Scholz Co) was founded in 1972, and today is the midwest's premier custom switchgear manufacturer.  HK Scholz Company is located in the Omaha Nebraska area.  For the past thirty years, HK Scholz has manufactured and installed switchgear, built and modified Utility Substations, designed and installed custom control systems, and serviced existing systems in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and beyond.

HK Scholz power control systems feature Preferred Source Technology� making complex industrial and utility generation and distribution systems as easy as possible to control and operate.  HK Scholz utilizes a redundant engineering strategy, as we realize it is never good to have all of your eggs in one basket.  We pride ourselves on providing control systems that are normally automated, but also manually operable if a device in the control system would happen to fail.

HK Scholz has been an industry leader in bringing new functionality to SCADA, power control and automation systems, and remote substation control systems.  Our expertise leads to products that are designed with your system in mind.  We do not have cookie cutter products and we do not have an assembly line - the product you get when you hire HK Scholz Company is the product you wanted to start with.

When you choose Harold K. Scholz Co. for your substation, switchgear, or service needs, you know you are getting the most experienced and professional staff in the industry.  We look forward to ensuring that your project is completed to your satisfaction, providing you with extra service instead of the normal extra$ that you get from the competition.  


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